JUN 24, 2014

The Six Benefits of Holiday Cottages

More and more of us are choosing to spend our summer holidays in the UK, rather than travel abroad. This trend has become more and more prominent over the last few years. And why is this? Here are the six benefits to self-catering holidays in the UK.

Individual Accommodation

Almost all of the holiday cottage accommodation across the UK is privately owned. The advantages of this are numerous. Not only are you guaranteed a pristine and functional self-catering holiday cottage but, you will be staying in a property with its own individual character. Hotel accommodation can be mundane and generic. This is not the case with individual holiday cottages.

Choice of Setting

Holiday cottages are located across the whole of the UK. Whether you’re intent on enjoying a relaxing vacation by the sea or are considering a short city break, complete with fine dining and a wealth of culture, you’ll find holiday cottages to suit your intention. Many holiday cottages are surrounded by all the local amenities that you’ll ever need – you’re holiday couldn’t be easier.

Holiday Duration

Another benefit to choosing a holiday cottage is that you’re not restricted to a set holiday length. Whether you wish your stay to last a single weekend, four days or ten, many holiday cottages allow for enhanced flexibility. This is not always the case with hotel stays.

Latest Luxuries

A great number of holiday cottages are fitted with the latest mod-cons and even some additional little luxuries. It’s not uncommon for holiday cottages to be fitted with hot tubs and other select luxuries that will make your holiday all the more relaxing.


One of the biggest advantages of self-catering holidays is that you’re not tied to eating at a set time and place – and you can choose your own meals. All-inclusive package holidays can limit holiday-makers to eating their meals in the resort, every single night. Self-catering holidays allow you to eat what you want, when you want. Most cottages are located in close proximity to pubs or restaurants, affording you the opportunity to eat out too.

Perfect for Romantic Weekends or Family Holidays

The flexible accommodation offered by self-catering cottages suits a wealth of different holidays. If you’re looking for a romantic break then holiday cottages offer great accommodation. Alternatively, those that have designs on enjoying a break with extended family, holiday cottages offer you flexible accommodation to suit.

Holiday cottages offer terrific accommodation for a range of holidays. If you’re unsure what type of holiday is best-suited to you then why not consider a holiday where you’re not restricted by the accommodation, and can relax in a place that you won’t want to leave.

Created on 24th June 2014
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