JUN 24, 2014

The Local Produce of North Devon

North Devon is surely one of the most inviting counties in the UK. With scenic beaches, wonderful climate throughout the summer, lush countryside and rich heritage, North Devon is one destination that you cannot afford not to visit. However, did you know that the county has so much more to offer than just awe-inspiring scenery? The area is renowned for producing amazing local produce.

Mouth-Watering Food

Upon visiting the area you’ll see that all manner of food is lovingly prepared. From exquisite pies and pastries in addition to a range of tantalising fruits and vegetables, Devon is home to a range of local produce that surely is to be tasted to be believed. Dairy products are also famed for their wonderful taste. Why is the food so tasty? The answer is simple, local produce is consistently used in all prepared food.

Local Farmers

Restaurant-owners are blessed to work with talented local farmers. The Ring o Bells in Prixford use as much local produce as possible. Local farmers work with restaurant-owners to create the ultimate dining experience. Local farmers are consistently striving to utilise all local resources and outsource less. This allows the county to create and keep local jobs, and treat those that live Devon with a wealth of delicious food.

Green Traditions

Throughout the county farmers are focussed on green initiatives. Much of the produce is organic and natural. Organic ingredients have fewer chemicals. This makes them better for the environment and you. North Devon is privileged to have a conscientious approach to delivering green produce.

The Local Markets

If you’re planning a trip to the area, you simply cannot afford to miss a visit to the markets. Barnstaple plays host to wonderful markets on Tuesdays and Fridays. From clotted cream to fudge and honey, you’ll find a variety of sellers offering you the chance to sample the culinary delights of Devon.

North Devon has some of the finest local produce in the UK. If you’re planning a trip to the county, you cannot afford to miss filling your stomach with a wealth of delightful local produce.

Created on 24th June 2014
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