JUN 23, 2015

How to pick the perfect guest house for your holiday

Here at Edge House we’re confident that you’ll love your stay with us. Our award-winning five star guest house is built on the site of a 1950s farmhouse, and has been decorated to a high standard to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. However, we do understand that when you’re spending all that money on a holiday, choosing the right accommodation can take some time. Rather than us just telling your how great our guest house is, here are some useful tips to help you whenever you’re trying to book holiday accommodation...



Read testimonials

Check the website of the guest house you intend to visit, and they should have a testimonials section on their site. This will give you a good idea of what previous guests have liked about the guest house, but it’s not the most reliable source of negative feedback. There aren’t many businesses out there who will display negative, scathing reviews on their website as they know it won’t bring in business. Testimonials on a website will give you an insight into the good and great aspects of the guest house, but if you want the full picture you’ll have to look elsewhere on the internet.



Read independent reviews

If you want to get a true idea of what it’s like to stay in a particular guest house then visit a site such as TripAdvisor. Sites like this allow people to create an account and leave reviews for holiday accommodation, activities, attractions etc, expressing their true, unfiltered opinions on the things they’ve done and the places they’ve stayed. Users can also upload photos of accommodation they’ve stayed in, so it’s useful to look at some of these pictures too. The photographs you can see on a guest house’s website are often professionally done, so photos from real customers can give you a more rounded idea of what to expect.

Listen to recommendations

Ask around your family and friends for any recommendations of holiday accommodation they have used in the past. We trust the people we know, more than we trust people who leave reviews online, so if a guest house has been recommended to you then it’s usually a good sign that you should check it out further. By all means follow up on a recommendation by checking the testimonials and reviews online from other customers too.

Give it a go

Sometimes you can look at tonnes of photographs and reviews and think that you’ve found somewhere great to stay, but when you get there it’s not what you expect. Likewise, sometimes the photographs don’t do it justice or the place might be a little more basic than you’d like but the hosts are incredibly helpful and welcoming. Sometimes it’s worth going with your gut feeling and booking the place you like the look and sound of, despite that one review that said the beds were lumpy. It’s your holiday, so make of it what you will!

Created on 23rd June 2015
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