JUN 24, 2014

Cycling with the Family in Devon

Taking the annual family vacation is something that we all look forward to all year. More and more of UK residents are choosing not to travel abroad, but take their vacation in some of the most serene parts of the UK. With sandy beaches, glorious botanical gardens, exquisite eateries and a wealth of outdoor pursuit, there is little doubt as to the reasons why.

Devon offers those that visit the county a wealth of activities to engage in. Some of the more prominent activity holidays that can be engaged in, is cycling. Investing some time cycling through Devon’s great outdoors, exploring unchartered territory, taking in nature or even sitting down for a picnic break will surely bring a smile to your face. Cycling with the family is also a great way to bring everyone together.

Devon’s Coast to Coast Cycle Route

Anyone looking for a challenge would be hard-pressed to better coast to coast cycle expedition. This should only be attempted by those that are prepared to navigate the 102 mile stretch of trails. Completing the expeditions offers a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Throughout your journey you’ll be treated to panoramic views of scenic countryside. Indeed, from the south coast of Plymouth to Dartmoor and forested river valleys, you’ll be treated to a wealth of breathtaking sights across your whole journey.

The Granite Way Route

One of the more common cycling routes in the county is the Granite Way. Passing by Okehamptom and its station, Lydford, Meldon Valley, Southern Railway, Lake Viaduct, Moor, Brentor and the Cornish Hills, the Granite Way Route is a cherished cycle route – and one that you really should journey on with the family. Cycling throughout late September you’ll be able to bask in the golden glow of the bracken, a sight that is beautiful to behold.

The Tarka Trail and Cycling

One of the better known trails in the UK, the Tarka Trail is a terrific trail – one that anyone intending on cycling should try. It is estimated to be 180 miles in length. Taking this route, you’ll be treated to a variety of picturesque countryside scenes and is suitable for both cyclists and walkers. This really is a perfect cycle route for the family.

Cycling with the family is not only good exercise it bonds everyone together and allows the family to spend some time in the fresh air, which is good for mind, body and spirit. Devon’s cycle routes offer just this, a chance to be at one with nature, exercise those muscles and spend some quality time with the family.

Created on 24th June 2014
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