NOV 25, 2013

5 brilliant things about Devon

We’re glad tourists flock to Devon each year, we wouldn’t have a business if places like Branscombe weren’t so popular with the public. What’s the appeal of Devon though, why do so many people spend holidays in this beautiful county? We think some of the following might have a bit of an influence.

  • Waking up to the sound of the sea: A number of holiday cottages are situated close to the coastline so you wake every morning to the sound of the sea. Listen to gulls cawing as you slowly gather your thoughts in your luxury holiday home, it’s a truly amazing way to start the day.
  • Beautiful beaches: Don’t just listen to the sound of the sea, go and enjoy it on one of the many stunning beaches that Devon has to offer. The beach in Branscombe is pebbly and popular plus there are other sandy beaches along the coast that are great places to enjoy a little family fun.
  • Stunning moorland: Devon has two massive moors and a nature reserve that sprawls for 30 miles. You can explore it on foot or hire a few bikes and see Mother Nature in all her wonder on your holiday.  
  • Charming harbour towns: Stay in Devon and it wouldn’t be the same without a visit to a traditional harbour town. Take a short trip in the car and go to Ilfracombe, Dartmouth, Salcombe or Brixham, take a boat trip and tuck into a bag of fish and chips when you return.   
  • Cream tea: Okay we had to get this in at some point. Cream teas are something else in Devon. They should be though. Devon was the birthplace for the cream tea, it’s the original and we think it’s the best. A holiday in Devon has to involve a cream tea at some point. Pop into a traditional tea shop tucked down a cobbled street in a harbour town and enjoy a scone with jam and clotted cream, the like of which you’ve never tasted before!  
Created on 25th November 2013
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