JUL 15, 2015

5 Devonshire delicacies you have to try

Many regions in the UK have certain foods and drinks associated with them. Eccles has its raisin and currant-filled cakes, Bakewell has its tarts, Yorkshire has its puddings, and Lancashire has its hotpot. Just like these famous delicacies, Devon has a few of its own. Here are five local specialties that you must try during your holiday here...

  • Devonshire cream tea: The whole of the south west is dotted with quaint little tea rooms serving cream teas, so there’s really no excuse for not trying one during your holiday. Take a break from sightseeing and treat yourself to a freshly-baked scone, piled high with strawberry jam and clotted cream, washed down with a pot of traditional tea – delicious!
  • Scrumpy cider: The south west region of the UK is famed for its scrumpy cider, and you won’t have to travel too far in Devon to find some. As you’re driving along the scenic roads that connect Devon’s towns and villages, chances are you’ll spot a sign advertising cider. So turn off the main road, head down that farm track, and experience some authentic Devonshire apple cider.
  • Devon pasty: The pasty is just as popular in Devon as it is in Cornwall, and the earliest known recipe for a meat and potato pasty dates back to Plymouth in 1510. The main way to tell the difference between a Devon pasty and a Cornish pasty is the crimping – a Devon pasty is crimped at the top, and a Cornish pasty is crimpled at the side.
  • Fish and chips: Whilst this is not strictly a Devonshire delicacy in itself, you haven’t really experienced proper fish and chips until you’ve been to Devon. With the plethora of coastal fishing towns in the area, our fish is much fresher than the fish you’ll find elsewhere, so a chippy tea is a must whilst you’re in Devon!
  • Devonshire fudge: The rural nature of Devon, paired with its temperate climate, fertile soils, and frequent rains mean it’s been one of the UK’s leading producers of dairy products for centuries. Devonshire fudge is made with rich and creamy clotted cream, giving it a taste unlike any other fudge you might have experienced. There are gift shops and farm shops across the county selling boxes of fudge, and they make great souvenirs for your loved ones, or for yourself!
Created on 15th July 2015
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